Make White-Glove Customer Experiences the Norm

Originally Published in CMSWire

Written by Mark Smith


At one end of the spectrum is service, and at the other, familiarity. Picture these two different experiences:

In the first one, you walk into a clothing store you’ve been frequenting for years. The clothes fit well, they’re affordable and they’re stylish. More importantly, every time you go in, the associates remember you. They address you by name, they have a sense of your personal style, they know your size, and they know what new items you’re likely to be interested in.

Now imagine walking into the same store, again, one that you’ve frequented for years. You’re not acknowledged walking through the door, the clothes don’t seem to be organized by size or style, and an associate tries to sell you a heavy winter coat, even though it’s July and 85 degrees outside.

One of those experiences feels bespoke, catered and meaningful. The other is slipshod and depersonalized. In this age of customer experience innovation, there’s nothing preventing every customer interaction, whether in person or online, from resembling the bespoke experiences provided by stores where they know you by name.


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