Stitching Together Online and Offline Customer Data

Originally published in CMS Wire

Interview with Mark Smith

Think of someone buying a car: Most people research a car online, visit a dealership to see the cars, do more research (again, usually online), and finally return to the dealership to make a purchase. To provide meaningful customer experience (CX) across this entire journey, car manufacturers need to track customer behavior from start to finish, said Mark Smith, president of customer journey software provider Kitewheel.

According to Smith, Ford handled that very challenge during a recent promotion. Ford hosted New Year’s Day gatherings at its dealerships, during which it collected data from those who attended. The company then matched the data collected to customer profiles, so it could serve contextually relevant content across different touchpoints (e.g., email campaigns, online advertising, and so on). The online and offline data capture made it possible to deliver a higher level of personalization, which resulted in increased engagement with ads and emails.

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