Product Updates – Summer 2017

45 years ago next week, Neil Diamond recorded the hit album “Hot August Night.” We’ve also had quite a few of those around the Kitewheel offices this summer as we update our Customer Journey HubThe August release contains three new and improved features that we think will make your life easier, including node return values, metadata, graph templates and more. For more information or examples on how to make the most of these changes, see our release notes or register for a webinar demonstration by Kitewheel’s CDO Neil Skilling.

Node Return Values 

Every node in the Hub now returns a numeric value that can be used for a conditional test. This fundamental change to how graphs handle their data will make your graphs smaller, easier to build and easier to read.


Another significant change is that graphs in the Kitewheel Hub now support Metadata. This shows information about the graph and any errors that may have occurred. You can also now interrogate the graph activity and decide what to do next in real-time. 

Graph Templates

metadataYou can now add Kitewheel supplied graph templates into your project seamlessly. The Kitewheel Services Team have also developed several graph templates and documentation for common processes in the Hub. This library of templates will grow over time and we welcome suggestions for what to build next!