Kitewheel Reaches 1 Billion Real-Time Interactions

Kitewheel recently passed the milestone of our billionth real-time interaction processed by Kitewheel’s cloud system! It is amazing to think how far we have come in such a short amount of time and it seems only yesterday that we were only just beginning of own journey as a customer journey orchestration provider.

Humble Beginnings 

A little over two years ago, Kitewheel’s first customer journey started executing in real-time through the Kitewheel Hub. Together with one of our first agency partners we helped a bar/restaurant chain launch one of the world’s first omni-channel loyalty programs. We began with just a few outlets and converted an old physical loyalty program into a digital one. It now ran on a mobile App, linking all purchases in real-time through a mobile QR code read by the POS system. We also connected to the brand website, email system, CRM database, Social media feeds. We used both text messages and push notifications to communicate with customers. The program didn’t just reward purchases, but also social sharing to increase take-up among the brands GenY and Millennial consumers.

That first project was a great success – delivering a full return on investment for the brand within just 3 weeks. It got Kitewheel off to an amazing start.

Real-Time Interactions Grow

Since then we have brought real-time interactions and customer journeys to life for brands in many industries. These  include automotive, travel, insurance, retail, healthcare, electronics and fast food.  We have stuck to our model of supporting marketing agencies in delivering futuristic consumer engagement using the existing marketing infrastructure at their brand clients – saving the wasted time and money involved with ripping out and replacing technology.

Seeming to follow in our footsteps, it is interesting to see many new “Hubs” on the market. IBM and Zeta Interactive joined Thunderhead and others in branding their technology as “Hubs”.  We are significantly ahead of them in real omni-channel projects delivering real-time customer journeys. The first billion is always the hardest, but I’m also happy to report that we are well underway into our next billion interactions. We’d love to chat with you about our growth and how we can help you orchestrate customer journeys.