Kitewheel Recognized in 2013 Gartner and Ovum Reports

Provenir (Kitewheel) was featured in four new Gartner reports and Gerry Brown’s new Ovum “On the Radar” report. Why all the excitement for these mentions? Because customer communications has changed. Brands need a new approach for the age of the customer.

2013 Gartner Mentions

The new world requires new capabilities and architectures which can turn all that Big Data into deep analytic insight and convert it into automated and accountable action. To this end, the new Gartner reports mentioning Kitewheel included brand new Hype Cycles for Business Intelligence and Analytics, Application Architecture and Business Process Management, where topics including rule management, adaptive case management, predictive analytics, optimization, business dashboards, business activity monitoring, complex-event processing, data discovery and other technologies were discussed as being potentially “transformational” to businesses.

Provenir (Kitewheel) On The Radar Ovum Report

ovumOvum’s new Provenir On the Radar Report by Gerry Brown has been getting great reviews. Information Age writes that “not one IT giant has a complete digital marketing platform… Businesses built up a rag-tag collection of digital marketing tools over the years. They are looking for unified systems to tie data and processes together”. Organizations need a different approach to meet this digitally-powered-customer challenge. But, they also need to use the technology they already bought and make it work together. Businesses don’t need a new mega-vendor nor do they need to replace their existing data or email investments. And they don’t need yet another marketing database.

What today’s customer-obsessed businesses need is a new way to get all these systems, analytic models and customer touch points to connect together in real-time, and revolve not around campaigns but around each individual customer. This “always-on”, customer-focused capability we believe begins with listening to individual customers and facilitating proactive listening by the business. Clearly it’s an exciting time for customers, the industry as a whole, and, as the coverage indicates, us as well.