Personalised Customer Travel Experiences

A Kitewheel and Edit Event

3rd October 2018

Brunch and Learn: The Travel Customer Experience

Traveller on an omnichannel customer journeyWho doesn’t like a delicious breakfast, paired with tea, pastries, and customer experience insights? Kitewheel and Edit are hosting a breakfast seminar at The Shard in London on October 17th. Kitewheel’s president, Mark Smith will join Edit’s Group Technical Director, Gary Arnold. Together, they will discuss how brands can drive engagement within the travel sector. How can we do this? Travel Customer journeys.

We’ve shared at previous events, including the Digital Travel Summit back in June, that customer journeys are critical to the travel industry. Specifically, travel and hospitality is a hugely impactful industry for customer journeys and customer experience. Not only that, journeys for the travel industry help address common pain points. Better still,  journey discovery can uncover new opportunities for today’s top travel and leisure businesses to take their customer relationships to the next level.

Marketers Discuss Travel Customer JourneyKitewheel and Edit have brought together presenters focused on personalization and automation. Excitingly, hyper-personalisation has quickly become a requirement for top-performing travel businesses. Indeed, T&L companies are often desperate for insight into how personalised recommendations and customization can move the needle in attracting new customers. At the event, you will hear from some of the best on how to implement these changes for a premier customer experience.

Better still? The technology available today has made hyper-personalization in pursuit of customer experience feasible for the first time.  If you attend, you’ll hear us share how brands can use technology to personalise customer journeys and gain an edge over competitors. You’ll leave equiped to deliver an ideal travel customer experience.

The Kitewheel + Edit Partnership

Who is Edit?

Kitewheel is extremely proud to be partnering with Edit on this event. Their Head of Data Science, Sameer Rahman, recently discussed the need for personalisation in the travel sector (and you can read his insights here). The fact is, travel sector businesses produce a huge amount of customer insight and leveraging that data for insight can feel overwhelming. It’s using that data to build effective and personalised experiences that can make all of the difference in the success of a traveller’s journey.

Edit has also published a Summer-to-Summer whitepaper, highlighting travel trends for the year ahead. They detail six of the hottest topics influencing the travel sector.  Unsurprisingly, these most pressing topics include personalization and technology. They even go so far as to say that “if consumer demand is the driver of the trend to personalisation in 2018, then technology and data are its facilitator.”

Kitewheel Leadership

And Kitewheel is at the centre of it all.  

Traveller seeks a personalized customer journey

We have everything you need to deliver the perfect customer experience. From our latest additions to our formidable analytics capabilities, to our mapping and out-of-the-box connector library, Kitewheel is built for Customer Journeys.  Well deployed, with a client list including Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Allianz, and Gerber, Kitewheel weaves systems together to orchestrate journeys at scale. You can even read about the work we’ve done with EasyJet to get a better sense of how we’ve already impacted the travel industry.

Key Seminar Features

marketers strategize customer journeysThe Travel CX seminar will be a fantastic opportunity to speak with your peers in the travel sector! Better still, you’ll get the chance to hear from three experts in the field.  Many thanks to our friends at Edit for coordinating the event logistics.

If you would like to attend, please email for more information.

We’ll be announcing the full agenda in the coming weeks, but here’s a brief outline of what’s in store!

  •       8:15 – 8:30 Arrival and registration
  •       8:30 – 9:00 Brunch and networking
  •       9:00 – 9:30 Gary Arnold, Group Technical Director, Edit
  •       9:30 – 10:00 TBA
  •       10:00 – 10:20 Tea, coffee, and networking break
  •       10:20 – 10:50 Mark Smith, President, Kitewheel
  •       10:50 – 11:00 Questions

Our Talk

Mark Smith, President, Kitewheel

The talk: Personalised Wanderlust: How Customer Journey Technology Orchestrates Great Client Experiences

What it’s about: The travel and hospitality market has shifted, demanding captivating and personalised holiday experiences for the modern global traveller. However, for a travel company in a competitive market, there is another type of “experience” that can be just as important. This is true both in terms of selling holidays and growing your business. It’s travel customer experience the discovery process.

Today’s consumers are demanding a great experience in the holiday research and purchasing process as well. Travellers expect businesses to know more about them than they know themselves. So why not set up booking and communication channels that take advantage of this knowledge?

Great experiences can best be delivered through new technology designed to optimise the customer journey.  Mark Smith, the President of Kitewheel, will share some case studies. Each of which will demonstrate how this integrated customer orchestration technology can proliferate your market share.


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