Kitewheel Hub Processes 1 Billionth Real-time Consumer Interaction

Customer Journey pioneer Kitewheel extends its position as the leader in real-time journey orchestration

Boston, MA – October 29, 2015 – Today, Kitewheel, the provider of the leading Customer Engagement Hub for marketing agencies, announced that it’s cloud-based software has surpassed 1 Billion real-time interactions while orchestrating real-time consumer journeys. The Kitewheel solution has quickly become the favorite for marketing agencies looking to provide brand clients with omni-channel customer experiences that use their existing marketing infrastructure.

Kitewheel has been deployed at some of the world’s leading airlines, automotive brands, CPG brands, restaurants, retailers, travel & hospitality brands to connect otherwise disjointed or broken experiences, and turn them into engaging digital interactions that keep customers coming back.

A key to Kitewheel’s success is its completely vendor-agnostic approach, allowing agency partners to connect to any system, any data, and any channel, for any of their clients. The solution provides users with a visual interface to design and deploy connected consumer journeys at scale. Many journeys can be designed and deployed in just days and typical Kitewheel results see conversation rates and revenue wins double or triple as soon as the system is live.

Mark Smith, president of Kitewheel shares, “In a market with such incredible noise and jargon around real-time, omni-channel capabilities, we are thrilled that Kitewheel has focused on delivering real implemented systems that produce real results at a massive scale. Nowhere else can one find such evidence of real omni-channel case studies from live omni-channel consumer journeys.” Kitewheel is already well on its way to the next Billion real-time interactions.

About Kitewheel

Kitewheel is powering the real-time revolution for the world’s largest automotive, airline, retail, travel and consumer packaged goods brands. All five of the top marketing agency groups use Kitewheel’s real-time Customer Engagement Hub to orchestrate individual consumer journeys, listening for “moments of truth” across Big Data and converting them into immediate, interactive, interconnected experiences. Kitewheel serves its global customer base from offices in Boston, New York City and London. For more information please and follow Kitewheel on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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