Pricing Transparency: The Cost To Run a Customer Journey

pricing transparency lets you make a real evaluation of what is often a fuzzy, complex subjectHow much does it cost to run a customer journey project? What do you get when you sign a contract with a journey management vendor? For too long the answers to these questions were hidden behind NDAs and shrouded in mystery. No more. Pricing transparency is coming to the customer journey marketplace. Your business deserves to know how much it costs to bring customer journeys online. This information helps brands like yours make the right decisions about customer journey projects but also ensures fairness in the market. When vendors hide their pricing, they only make it harder to know what it costs to run a customer journey. Pricing transparency has the potential to make that uncertainty a thing of the past.

Why Pricing Transparency Is Not Yet The Norm

The cost to run a customer journey shouldn't be hidden, classified, or top secret.The customer journey software marketplace is a competitive one. Vendors are always trying to outdo each other with new features and offerings. This can be great for the consumer, but not so much when it comes time to negotiate pricing or sign on that dotted line. In order to even discuss pricing, brands often require that their prospective customers sign a non-disclosure agreement before even discussing the cost. Until recently, this is what we did too. We realized that this is a bad experience for you, and that’s why we decided to set things right.

When vendors hide their pricing and package information, this only makes the buying process harder, not just for them, but for their clients. This applies across the software marketplace, which is why so many brands have adopted Software as a Service (SaaS) models. That has not been the reality in the customer journey space, until now. With Kitewheel’s recent launch of Journey as a Service (JaaS, pronounced “Jazz”), pricing transparency has arrived.

Why Be Bold?

Our founder and president Dr. Mark Smith is fond of quoting David Ogilvy, who once said: “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals.” We believe you deserve pricing transparency when it comes to getting started with customer journeys. Doing any less would be a disservice. Worse; it would be bunting on the experience we deliver to you.

The experience of buying journey management software has been too difficult for too long. For an industry whose purpose is delivering a great customer experience, this has to change.

That’s why the Journey as a Service (JaaS) pricing model is designed to be transparent and easy. Instead of only allowing the largest brands to get started, easy-to-understand pricing tiers give businesses of any size the ability to start at the level of commitment that’s right for them.

A Recommendation To Our Competitors: Get On Board With Pricing Transparency

As of 5 April 2021, only Coveo and Kitewheel have pricing transparently visible, discoverable from the homepage. This is an honest recommendation to other players in the customer journey marketplace. It isn’t right to make a prospective customer fill out 11 fields in a form just for pricing information. We won’t mention any names here, but we have to do better as a marketplace for customer journey software. Our solutions are quite different, but we all want to make better customer experiences a reality.

Our challenge to you then is this: have pricing visible on your website by the end of June 2021. It’s time for all of us to get transparent with our pricing. May the best brand win.

How Much Does it Cost To Get Started With Customer Journeys?

The good news is, you’ve already got customer journeys at your business. Every day, when customers interact with your marketing systems, customer service team, storefront, and website, they are on a journey with your brand. The answer then is that starting a customer journey is free. Managing that customer journey is what costs time, money, and effort, but it’s well worth it. Thankfully, each of those costs might be lower than you might think.

We’ve found that for the simplest journeys, that run on just a few channels, you should expect a cost of around $5000 dollars a month to run, not counting tools you may already have on hand. These journeys are generally fairly easy to get running too, representing only a few weeks of spin-up time. For some projects, customer journeys are not only running but actually delivering a return on investment on the time scale of weeks, not months or years.

Pricing Transparency Is The Future Of Journey Management

It's time to get started. Run customer journeys right, building maturity at every step.The good news for buyers of customer journey software is that change is coming. The future of journey management looks bright in 2021 and beyond, and it’s time for every brand to start managing the journeys at your business.

However you plan to implement journey management, you’ll want to start by laying the foundation for your success. To do that, you’ll want to climb the customer journey maturity pyramid, a methodology we lay out in our Customer Journey Maturity Model. It’s full of great advice that helps you understand how to build a better experience for your customers.