The State of the Customer Journey 2017 Webinar

2017 state of the customer journeyFor modern marketers, the benefits of a well-defined customer journey strategy ring clear: increased CTRs, acquisition, retention and customer satisfaction. However, how exactly are marketers using customer journeys in real-time marketing programs running today? What is the 2017 state of the customer journey?

Discover the 2017 State of the Customer Journey

As a leader in customer journey management, Kitewheel has a unique perspective on the current use cases and trends in journey marketing. Our team analyzed the data from the billions of journeys we’ve executed over the last four years. We are proud to present an update to our famous State of the Customer Journey Report for 2017.

In 2014 and 2016 , Kitewheel analyzed and compared over a billion brand and customer interactions from our successful delivery of customer journeys for clients worldwide to report on “The State of the Customer Journey.” For 2017, we’re back with an updated report to outline this year’s trends in marketing and customer journeys. In addition, special for 2017, we’ve included an in-depth analysis into the common use cases in Customer Journey Marketing. 

What Will You Learn From This Webinar?

This webinar launches the 2017 State of the Customer Journey Report in this webinar. Attendees will gain inside access to the use cases and common customer journey implementations. Further, watch this recording to view insights into actual journey executions in today’s evolving customer journey market and explore:

  • The channels that most influence the customer journey;
  • The industries that are adopting and excelling at customer journey-centric marketing; and
  • New for 2017, the most common marketing use cases associated with the customer journey.