Allianz tripled premium sales by linking web activity to personalized email

Major player successfully connects existing web, email and CRM system for real-time conversions.


Allianz sought to better engage consumers and improve conversions during the acquisition phase of the consumer journey.

Like their competitors, the brand received a significant number of inquiries through aggregators who provide a ‘one stop shop’ for consumers through a single form. While the aggregators provide a unique opportunity to win new business, Allianz wanted to improve its conversion rate through this channel.

In addition, Allianz needed to better manage the relationship with consumers coming directly to their website for a quotation, as too many of these consumers were failing to complete their purchase journey. Ultimately, the brand needed to increase conversion of the direct quotes, improve operations, and increase overall customer value.


  • Multi-channel connectivity & decisioning
    Website, email & databases connected via pre-built adaptors
  • Real-time consumer journeys
    Responses which took 2 days previously are now delivered immediately
  • Tripling of conversion rates
    Seamless and timely consumer journeys have reduced lost quotes


Once an applicant has requested a quote through an aggregator, insurers have the opportunity to reply through the aggregator – but the consumer’s information is only provided to the three insurers with the best quotes. From that point, it’s an arms race between the insurers to engage the consumer and attempt to win their business.

For Allianz, batch processes across their disjointed systems meant it could take up to two days to respond to quote requests through the aggregator. Often, this was too late to make the cut. Even if the insurer’s quote was among the top three, their competitors were quicker to reply and engage consumers to earn their business.

For consumers coming directly to Allianz’s website to request a quote, batch processes again proved to be inadequate. For example, if a consumer were to start a request and ‘abandon their basket’ at any point, it could take up to 36 hours to get an email out to these customers.

To fix these problems, Allianz needed to connect their disparate systems in order to reply to quotes and engage consumers in true real-time.


In less than three months, Allianz’s agency implemented Kitewheel’s Customer Engagement Hub with its pre-built adaptors to quickly connect the brand’s disparate systems – including the web, email and CRM infrastructure. Kitewheel runs effortlessly in the background across the mobile and desktop versions of the insurer’s website – listening for certain events or non-events (i.e. inactivity) across the site. All activity tracked within Kitewheel is saved to Allianz’s CRM infrastructure. In this way, the brand can assemble a real-time database that is rich with insights into consumer activity.

Now, upon detection of certain events, including quote requests, Kitewheel’s decision engine can orchestrate coordinated, contextually relevant responses via email and other channels that incorporate any real-time insights from Allianz’s CRM database. For quote requests, including those through aggregators and any saved quotes on the insurer’s site, all consumers receive a response within two minutes or less, ensuring a seamless consumer journey that will keep consumers engaged during the acquisition process.

For other events, which the insurer has prioritized, such as cart abandonment on their website, automated emails are now generated within thirty minutes or less to guide consumers along their journey and encourage them to complete their purchase.

“Kitewheel’s hub was the missing link that we needed to finally connect our disparate systems, make the move to true-real time, and solve a challenge that had long plagued us when it came to customer acquisition.”


In under two months, the system analyzed nearly 2.5 million real-time events across more than 57,000 unique sessions, ultimately processing more than 55,000 real-time emails to engage applicants and reengage inactive consumers.

The impact was immediate – and significant. Only a month after going live, the solution resulted in a tripling of conversion rates during acquisition.

In addition to these impressive figures, Allianz’s confidence in their agency partner has grown. They are now looking at other areas where Kitewheel’s real-time capabilities can be used to improve customer journeys, insight and ultimately revenue.

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  • 2.5 million real-time events analyzed
  • 55,000 real-time emails sent
  • 300% uplift in conversion activity