Motoring Organization Uses Kitewheel to Drive Into Internet of Things (IoT)


Industry: Automotive Services
Location: Europe


A leading UK motoring organisation that specializes in breakdown vehicle service and fleet management sought to launch new innovative, technology-driven services to its customers in order to enhance customer satisfaction and so grow new customer numbers and reduce customer attrition.

The new services are based on their ability to track, monitor and react to events in real-time from tracking devices installed in their customer’s vehicles. The tracking device was installed to provide continuous location, speed and engine function monitoring using GPS and GSM services.


  • Real-Time Customer Interactions Through IoT Data Processing
  • Predictive Models Determine Next Best Action For Customer Communication
  • IoT Inputs Converted to Real-Time Customer Outreach and 3 Other Channels

The data generated is streamed continuously to cloud systems for processing and subsequent action. The company sought to proactively use this data to provide additional real-time service and marketing offers to clients.



With tracking devices in tens of thousands of vehicles delivering event information every 60 seconds, a real-time data analysis and decisioning solution has to ingest and analyze many millions of events a day. Furthermore, due to high traffic volumes during busy times in the day the system requires immensely scalable capabilities to process peaks in activity. This required a dynamically scalable architecture that could deal with large fluctuations in volumes of events, and still be able to react in real-time when specific behavior is observed.

The company was challenged to pair the streaming data with an intelligent, automatic decision making capability. This approach in the use of real-time telematics from internet of things (IoT) devices puts the organization at the forefront of the market in using streaming data to provide additional services and value to their clients.


In two weeks, the brand’s agency implemented Kitewheel’s Customer Engagement Hub to connect thousands of in-vehicle devices to several cloud-based systems. As events enter the system every 60 seconds, Kitewheel processes the message data in real-time and scores them in terms of the particular vehicle age, type and any known issues for this particular vehicle and in comparison to all vehicles of the same age, class or engine type. Kitewheel also connects to the company’s database of customer information to pair this information with historical customer information, SCV data, real-time breakdown systems data and information of other customers who drive the same vehicle. Finally, weather information is included to help understand if a particular car has a certain reaction when too hot or cold. All activity and results tracked within Kitewheel is saved to the company’s CRM infrastructure.

With this comprehensive, real-time information, Kitewheel then orchestrates predictive models to decide when, why and how a customer should be contacted based on the detection of a particular event or sequence of events over time. Phone, email and text communications are then triggered to communicate with the customer in a coordinated, proactive and timely manner, driven entirely by Kitewheel’s decision engine.

Kitewheel used predefined connectors to Microsoft Azure SQL, Salesforce CRM, an Email service provider and SMS provider. Kitewheel runs on the Amazon Web Services platform in a scalable, secure and cost-effective fashion.


In three months, the system analyzed nearly 360 million real-time events- at an average of 120 milliseconds per record. Around 20 of these cases required notification to the customer in real-time to prevent accident or emergency – a brand new class service delivery for the organization.

The motoring organization is now underway incorporating this new service into their entire program and this scales their real-time processing capabilities up to over 7 billion transactions per day. Work is also underway with the first international expansion of Kitewheel’s real-time capabilities to drive additional value and paid-for-services using IoT.

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  • 360 million real-time events analyzed
  • 20 real-time customer interventions
  • Overseas expansion within 
    6 months