Brighthouse Provides Better Real-time Customer Service in Stores

Electronics are electrified when a major retailer unifies customers’ offline and online experiences to produce exceptional service.

Industry: Retail | Size: 270 Locations | Location: United Kingdom


A major UK electronic goods company, with over 270 store fronts and a thriving online business, sought to provide exceptional service by unifying their customers’ offline and online experiences. To do this, a channel agnostic, customer engagement hub was needed to streamline their customer onboarding process.


  • 6 customer journeys
  • Real-time listening and detection triggers customer path
  • Seamless onboarding process, online and offiline


An affordability assessment had been in place on the website to help customers better select goods in their identified price range. However, customers were still being marketed products outside the specified price range due to a faulty, manually coded system. These frequent software glitches translated to frustration on behalf of the customer and inefficiency on behalf of the company. If the customer then traveled to a store to complete the purchase, their information was not readily available to store associates, leading to redundancy and wasted time. Such leaks in the customer conversion funnel needed to be fixed immediately to improve sales.

The disparate channels needed to be connected in real-time to provide appropriate customer journeys, offline and online…..enter Kitewheel.


With expertise in marketing and customer journeys, Brighthouse’s agency chose Kitewheel’s customer engagement hub as the solution.

Kitewheel’s cloud-based platform was able to improve the current onboarding process by connecting all existing channels. The platform could easily scale to add more channels later on, such as email campaigns and SMS. Complex code was replaced by a drag and drop feature to create processes, making it easy for any employee to update or manage customer journeys.

Online customer journeys are now crafted to only present relevant marketing offers, in real-time. Store employees now have access to customer profiles, including their affordability assessments, to better assist customers purchasing goods at the retail store fronts, thereby boosting revenue and engagement.

“With all of our channels and touchpoints connected in real-time we’re able to present consumers with extremely relevant and timely offers.”


In less than one month, the processes for in-store use and the website were created, blowing away the brand’s expected time of delivery. With this, the pilot has run successfully and the qualitative results have shown improvements in the customer onboarding process. Soon, the Kitewheel platform will be replacing the existing hand-coded decisioning system in all stores, by using the company’s existing systems and customer data. Due to the flexibility of the software, the brand is excited to move forward with the agency’s engagement hub across other stores.

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