Coca-Cola leveraged social insights to multiply sharing of brand messages by 7x

Brand advocates are engaged when disparate social systems are connected.

Industry: Consumer packaged goods | Size: Sold in more than 200 countries | Location: Europe


Brands know there is a huge opportunity when it comes to social – but most have trouble garnering value from social channels. As one of the world’s most valuable and popular brands, Coca-Cola wanted to make use of the wealth of social data that was available to them and use it to drive consumer engagement. To do this, they needed a solution that could automatically listen and analyze data across social channels, as well as respond to individual consumers, in real-time.


  • 6 channels connected in

    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Youtube and Tumblr
  • End-to-end automation
    From listening and analytics; next engagements will be automated
  • Actionable social insights
    Consumers are engaged at an individual level to drive long-term advocacy


Prior attempts to gather insights from social were done in batch and were highly manual and time consuming. Coca-Cola relied on spreadsheets and six different tools, none of which were designed to work together. They sought a solution that would not only work with existing systems but one which could fully automate, in real-time, the laborious process of listening across channels, matching mentions to individual consumer data, running models, scoring, responding, and recording.


Kitewheel’s Customer Engagement Hub was selected and used to connect 6 different social channels and listen for specific mentions of Coca-Cola across them. Kitewheel aggregates this data and matches it against the brand’s consumer database to identify the individual that is behind each social mention. Each mention is automatically categorized, and the sentiment is determined for each.

In this way, Coca-Cola can assemble a real-time database that gives insights into an individual consumer’s social activity – including the frequency with which they use certain channels, and the sentiment of their engagements with the brand across each of these channels.

Using insights from the real-time database, Coca-Cola’s agency can then segment consumers using the Forrester social engagement segmentation and a proprietary segmentation developed by the agency that combines reach, sentiment, activity and content. In this way, Coca-Cola can easily identify consumers who are ‘fans’ and ‘superfans’ of the brand.

During the next phase of the project, Kitewheel’s hub will automate real-time engagements with these ‘fans’ and ‘superfans’ to drive continued engagement among these consumers.

“Kitewheel’s hub easily connected our disparate systems to automate the collection of social insights and make these insights actionable.”


In segmenting consumers – Coca-Cola uncovered that it had close to 800 actively engaged ‘superfans’ across the 6 channels – who through their combined social activity, could reach a few hundred thousand individuals. They also determined that a subset of 90,000 ‘fans’ had the potential to reach nearly 8 million people through their combined social influence. By engaging these ‘superfans’ and ‘fans’ with highly personalized outreach, Coca-Cola has created true brand advocates’ and is able to connect with millions more consumers through their reach.

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  • 30 million social mentions detected and analyzed

Brand ‘superfans’ & ‘fans’ indentified

  • INCREASED consumer engagement

Advocacy fostered among 8MM network via outreach to ‘superfans’ and ‘fans’