Europe’s Leading Airline Treats MVPs Right, Integrating Call Center with Other Systems

Major airline guides the customer journey with real-time, dynamic email and call center communications.

Industry: Travel  |  Size: 600 routes in 32 countries  |  Location: Europe


A leading British airline was determined to keep flights affordable for their millions of consumers while still providing a top notch experience – across channels. On any given day, the carrier could interact with millions of consumers via its call center, email, and website.
For consumers calling into the call center, representatives lacked key real-time and cross-channel insights to deliver an experience which was truly exceptional. Similarly, when it came to email, hefty batch campaigns were in place for the pre-flight, onboarding and post-flight communications, but there was no individualized dynamic content generation. The same was true for the web. To deliver a truly personalized and connected experience, this airline sought a solution that would allow them to automatically identify, understand, and interact with each customer according to their pre and post flight journey.


  • Create a single customer view
  • Personalize experiences across channels
  • Guide the customer journey
  • Reduce email fatigue


Personalizing their customers’ flight experiences while keeping costs controlled appeared quite challenging.

The airline’s disparate systems did not provide for a single customer view – let alone one which could be generated in real-time. Additionally, business logic had become siloed as it was located in the brand’s email platform. All of these factors made it nearly impossible for call center reps to deliver personalized interactions at scale. When it came to email, the airline was sending over 30 million emails per month to customers at various stages in their flight schedules and life-cycle.

Since data was housed disparately, the airline was unable to send out any sort of dynamic content based on individual consumer data. Emails for at-risk customers read no differently than emails for first-time purchasers. Even in instances when the airline could identify at-risk, new, or high-value customers, existing batch-email campaigns locked customers into a pre-planned flow, leaving little room for any sort of personalization to occur.

The airline needed a central solution which could quickly unite disparate systems and data, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences at scale – and in real-time.


The airline’s marketing agency, Havas EHS, deployed Kitewheel to tackle this problem. With its pre-built adaptors, Kitewheel was quickly implemented, working with existing architecture and systems.

Now, the Kitewheel platform provides a channel-independent decisioning engine that connects to the airline’s customer database of 25 million as well as other information systems including the email marketing platform. In real-time, Kitewheel links the relevant data sources to produce and send dynamic email messages to customers throughout their customer journey. Moving the complex rule logic to operate centrally through the Kitewheel platform has opened up functionality so rules can be applied to communication channels beyond email.

Soon after the email implementation, functionality was expanded to the brand’s call center so that all calls now come through the Kitewheel Hub. This gave customer service representatives access to a consumers’ entire cross-channel interaction history in real-time. Now, the airline is working quickly to deliver dynamic web content to individuals, including communications via email and SMS for cart abandonment.


The Kitewheel solution was rolled out in less than 3 months. The Kitewheel Hub has delivered millions of personalized consumer journeys through the airline’s call center and email platforms – finally enabling the brand to deliver personalization at scale. And, since the airline didn’t need to purchase new technology in either of these channels, they were able to save millions of pounds in IT spend. Furthermore, any employee can now benefit from having a single customer view, on-demand through the Kitewheel Hub.

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Real-time, dynamic email and call center communications