Ford increases key conversion metrics 4x, 24x, 48x by linking sales funnel across channels

Personalized journeys across display & online increase conversions.

Industry: Automotive   |   Location: Europe


With consumers spending 75% of their car research time online, Ford, a global automotive leader, needed to improve its digital engagement to build and strengthen relationships with consumers. The goal was to get a “digital hook” to in-person visitors to their dealerships and use this to deliver relevant targeted messages across all the touch-points in the consumer journey – from paid media, to web and email. Ford and their agency, GroupM, used this approach to deliver an immersive and relevant marketing effort that delivered amazing results.


  • Unified logic and journey execution
    Systems connected in real-time via pre-built adaptors
  • Seamless & personalized experiences
    Across in-store, paid media, web, and email channels
  • Improved engagement
    Lift in click-through, open rates, dwell time, and page visits


Every January, dealerships invite consumers to a New Year’s Event where hundreds of consumers visit the dealership, hopefully take a test drive, grab a brochure, and be off again. This left the brands like Ford guessing if, where, and when visitors ultimately purchased a new vehicle. Ford needed a simple but effective strategy to engage these consumers across various touchpoints after the in-store visit and drive them along their path to purchase. To do this, they needed to be able to connect disparate data, both on-line and off-line, as well as disparate marketing systems and their logic.


When the day of the New Year’s event came, activation staff collected email addresses from key Ford dealerships. Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub quickly connected Ford’s existing systems – and their data – matching a customer’s contact information to the agency’s DMP to create a single, real-time, customer profile. Behavioral data from email, web and paid media channels was appended to this profile, making it rich and robust. Kitewheel’s unified decisioning logic then used real-time insights from the individual customer profile, as well as GroupM’s advanced targeting algorithms, to deliver relevant and sequenced messages across display, web, and email channels.

On the paid media channel, Ford was able to translate car model audiences into targeting for display, search, and Facebook. Now low frequency targeting strategies are used to gently remind the audience to keep Ford in mind, rather than high-frequency retargeting that creates a bad experience and so wastes advertising spend. For a website visit, perhaps spurred by the display ads, personalized content specific to the car model preference of the consumer is delivered in real-time, and then supported by additional messages delivered via email. As the journey played out all behavioral data from banner and website interactions was collated and used to decide when and what next message the consumer received.

Through Kitewheel’s unique visual interface, Ford was able to define and measure KPI’s for each step of the journey, across touch-points, and then optimize journeys in real-time.

“We are super pleased with the marketing results. We want to be relevant and give our prospective consumers the best possible experiences. This solution enables us to promote our experience in a whole new way, raising engagement with consumers that show an interest in our brand in an elegant and relevant way, while delivering excellent performance on our marketing goals.”


By incorporating cross-channel data and intelligent decisioning to deliver relevant and well-timed messages, rather than the same repeated retargeting message in every channel – Ford dramatically improved consumer engagement. Click through rates for advertisements had a lift of 24x. Across the web, Ford quadrupled the average duration of visits on the site and the number of page visits per visitor. Email open rates were 16 times higher than the industry average and click rates are an impressive 38% – three times higher than the industry average. Ford now has a future-proof solution, and can easily integrate other channels as they work to expand their omni-channel vision.

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  • 24x uplift across paid media
  • 48x uplift across email
  • 4x uplift across the web