Gerber increased sales by 27% with a 2 year, personalized cross-channel journey


Industry: Consumer packaged goods
Location: Global


The Need

Gerber, a global retailer specializing in consumer packaged goods, wanted to become a trusted advisor to its consumers in order to expand the brand’s relationship from months to years. To do this, the team wanted a consumer engagement hub to allow the brand’s web properties to automatically identify, inform and interact with each visitor according to where they are in their individual consumer journey. This tool would also carefully nurture that customer from one stage to the next.ighlights

  • Live in < 2 months
  • Journeys lasting from 1 day to
    3+ years
  • 30,000+ registered visitors in first 8 weeks

The Challenge

While looking to rebuild their website, Gerber realized that website design was not the problem, rather it was a lack of engaging material at the individual level. Consumers tended to sign up on the website to track the pregnancy, birth and growth of their babies, but rarely returned after that initial step. The brand was not aware of what consumers were looking for on the site, pages viewed, visit duration or any website behavior. Not enough information was being collected to understand the drop off in consumer engagement. Furthermore, traditional web click-stream retargeting methods failed in the complex orchestration needed for the many consumer journeys. To address this, Gerber first needed to understand who was on its website. Second, the site needed to function in real-time to show relevant and engaging content to each visitor according to where they were in their consumer journey.

The Solution

Having seen the success of Kitewheel’s engagement hub with other clients, Gerber’s agency quickly chose Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub as the solution.

With its complex and detailed web interaction tracking capabilities, Kitewheel’s cloud-based platform was implemented to collect needed information to ultimately improve how Gerber engaged with consumers through its website. The software identified web visitors by matching the visitor to previous interactions and profiles. Even if the website visitor has not previously logged-in, the platform still identified the individual based on other criteria and showed timely and relevant content.

Kitewheel understands gpg-brand-nurters-consumers-with-dynamic-online-journeys-graphicthe who behind the interaction. For example, if a new mother registered on the site after giving birth and returned to the site a few months later, she’d be recognized immediately as a returning, registered consumer and would be treated in accordance with her past behaviors and preferences. With Kitewheel, Gerber’s site now adapts to each person and only shows content relevant to the baby’s age – including food suggestions, popular articles, and tips. Meanwhile, a gamified system of education, encouragement and rewards makes each individual a participant in a continued, dynamic journey with the brand.

The Results

Thanks to Kitewheel’s visual configuration environment, the project took less than two months from design to live production. Gerber’s consumers are now individually engaged and the data collected by the system can be leveraged for the deployment of further realtime consumer journeys.

Kitewheel serves as the orchestration engine behind the scenes, automatically recognizing, remembering and reacting to visitors, and orchestrating the appropriate experience. Next, Gerber will integrate social media channels and its email campaign system to create even more elaborate and engaging journeys.

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Immediate impact to the bottom line in less than two months.

 conversion increase

7x increase in social/email content sharing

56% increase in website engagement

30% conversion increase with targeted prompts

27% increase in sales from program members vs. non-members