Jaguar drives 8% CTRs on social, opens hundreds of sales opportunities with Social Lead Generation

Luxury car brand nurtures consumers from Twitter to the web, delivering personalized, dynamic content throughout.



Industry: Automotive   |   Location: Global


In a world of perpetual connectedness, consumers expect an experience that is connected across channels. Particularly when it comes to luxury goods, consumer expectations are higher than ever. As one of the world’s leading luxury automotive companies, Jaguar knew they needed to step up their game.

In terms of their website, Jaguar struggled to engage customers with any sort of personalized content or respond to customer queries in a timely fashion. The brand also wanted to improve responsiveness across social channels, to ultimately drive increased traffic to their website – and facilitate the consumer’s cross-channel journey


  • Individualized web experiences
    8 weeks from start to finish
    Dynamic content generation
    19 real-time triggers
  • Social listening & response
    4 weeks from start to finish
    Real-time automated response


Like most companies, Jaguar had purchased many different systems over the years, all from different vendors. Since the systems – which included the brand’s website, email, social channels, and CRM – were not originally designed to work together, they were pieced together with manually written code to create processes. Still, the website failed to engage visitors with content that was relevant to them, based on their interaction history. Furthermore, collection of web inquiry forms as well as email follow-up in response to such forms, was delayed by days.

When it came to social media, Jaguar was utilizing Brandwatch to listen across social channels – but they needed a solution that could also analyze the wealth of data across these channels, and respond to individual consumers, in real-time, at volume and scale. Furthermore, they wanted to integrate social activity with web activity and other customer data to deliver a truly connected experience for consumers.


Kitewheel’s engagement hub was implemented by Jaguar’s agency. For Phase 1 of the project, Kitewheel’s pre-built adaptors easily connected the brand’s website, existing CRM database, and email service provider together in real-time. Kitewheel tracks and stores website activity, pulling in other customer data in real-time. When someone visits Jaguar’s website, Kitewheel uses these insights to generate dynamic web content, which is re-purposed from existing content, and email follow-up for each customer. Email responses are triggered by 19 different on-line activities. The process was rapidly implemented in the Amazon cloud, using Amazon standard content management, database, and reporting capabilities.

During Phase 2 of the project, Kitewheel connected to Jaguar’s existing Brandwatch platform to listen for specific mentions across Twitter. Kitewheel aggregates this data and matches it against other consumer data to identify the individual that is behind each social mention. From there, Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub analytically determines, in real-time, the most appropriate response for individual consumers via Twitter, which the brand’s community managers can modify if desired. Consumers are directed to Jaguar’s website, when appropriate, where they will continue to receive appropriate web recommendations, which are dynamically re-purposed from existing content, as the consumer moves along their purchase journey.


In just two months, Phase 1 of the project was developed, tested, and live in production. Phase 2 was implemented in half that time. Jaguar can now track and nurture consumer journeys from Twitter all the way to the web, and as a result has generated significant increases in website traffic and consumer engagement. Consumer satisfaction has increased, as consumers now receive the immediate and personalized follow they expect, whether it’s on Twitter or on the web. Furthermore, the solution can easily scale to accommodate for increases in activity and extend to other channels as desired.

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  • INCREASED website activity & consumer engagement
    Consumers nurtured from Twitter to the web
  • Personalized, immediate follow-up at scale