Stonegate Pubs increases loyalty membership 500% with social amplification & digital delivery



Industry: Food & Beverage | Size: 500 Locations | Location: United Kingdom


Stonegate Pub, a major hospitality chain, with more than 500 locations, sought to boost loyalty program registrations and drive additional revenue by better engaging a youthful audience that is constantly connected, social-savvy and mobile-minded.

To do this, they asked their agency to transform their current card-based loyalty program into one that is digital, mobile, social, and real-time… in less than three months.


  • Under 3 months to deployment
    From start to finish, the program was fully implemented and live in less than 3 months
  • 6 seamless touch points
    ePOS, mobile app, mobile push notifications, web, email, Twitter
  • 9 customer journeys
    Sign up, on-boarding, redemption
    and more
  • Real-time location-based offers
    Customers engaged “in the moment”


A fast time-to-market was critical. The ideal solution would not replace any prior systems or technology already in place, or require any new database.

The solution would not be siloed in nature but rather completely real-time so that its connected customers could earn points, receive offers and redeem immediately.

Additionally, the solution would need to work with Stonegate Pubs’ existing infrastructure, connecting it in real time while providing a foundation to orchestrate both simple and complex customer journeys.

And it couldn’t require significant up-front infrastructure costs.


Stonegate Pubs’ agency leveraged Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub to implement a new customer-engagement platform that would allow them to apply their creative skills and loyalty expertise to the engineering of great new digital experiences. 

The Hub connected the brand’s existing touch points, CRM and email systems, databases and a new mobile app in real-time, and made it easy to map out 9 differentiated customer journeys.

Points are now earned, applied and redeemed in real-time, with seamless journeys across the mobile app, point-of-sale, mobile push notification, website, email and even social media. As an example, to truly engage and reward the social customer, the Hub proactively listens for members tweeting about their positive pub experience, and automatically deposits award points directly to their loyalty account.


The program went live first across 4 locations, and rich reporting uncovered the impact was immediate – and impressive.

Program signups increased more than 5 times versus prior performance.

The incremental revenue achieved during the first 8 days, across these 4 locations, exceeded the entire cost of the project. Stonegate Pubs now has a permanent, long-term solution that keeps paying back.

As a result, the agency has fully delivered on its promise, established a profitable newfound offering and created an incredibly happy client along the way.

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  • 5X program sign up’s increased
    5 times
  • In only 8 days, revenue exceeded cost; Incremental revenue from 8 days exceeded ENTIRE project cost