Volkswagen Uses Personalization to Triple Engagement & Double Conversion

Real-time personalized web journeys grow engagement.



In a market plagued by slow growth and fierce competition, future success is largely determined by an organization’s ability to innovate. And, with brands like Apple and Google continually raising the bar, consumers have come to expect that all brands – regardless of industry or domain expertise – will deliver a seamless and personal experience. However, all too often, brands invest significantly in media to drive visitors to their websites but fail to engage them with a personalized experience when they get there.

This is especially true for anonymous visitors that a brand may not yet know. With this in mind, Volkswagen sought to deliver a more personalized experience across their website to ultimately improve consumer engagement and drive consumers along their journey.



  • Real-time connectivity & insights
    Website and database connected via pre-built adaptors
  • Personalized web experiences
    Determined by analytical models and interaction history
  • Uplift with personalized journeys vs. non personalized
    Across pages viewed, dwell time and conversions


Like many, Volkswagen’s website was “one-size-fits” all in nature. Every individual experienced the same home page and surrounding experience. The site did not engage visitors with content that was relevant to them, forcing each individual to seek and find content that could be layers deep within the site. Even worse, if that individual came back to the site at a later point, there would be no memory of their prior interests, requiring them to start all over again.

In order to deliver the types of personalized experiences that consumers today expect, Volkswagen needed to wrap their content around the individual and what matters to them most – and they needed to do so in real-time. Meanwhile, like most companies, Volkswagen had purchased many different systems over the years, all from different vendors. Since the systems – which included their website and database capturing this web activity- were not originally designed to work together, they were pieced together with manually written code to create processes.


The Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub was rapidly implemented by Volkswagen’s agency alongside the existing web infrastructure and the pre-built adaptors easily connected their website and supporting data sources together in real-time. Kitewheel intelligently repurposes existing web content, thereby reducing any burden on Volkswagen or their agency. Kitewheel now tracks and stores website activity at the individual level and pulls in other available data in real-time. When a visitor comes to Volkswagen’s website, even anonymously, Kitewheel uses these real-time insights to analytically determine the most appropriate content for that individual at that moment in time based upon their current and prior behavior. If a consumer leaves the site and comes back, even days or weeks later, they are immediately greeted with engaging content or offers relevant to their cumulative activity history.

Next, Volkswagen’s will connect Kitewheel to the CRM database to enable personalized journeys for known, returning customers – enabling for features such as customer login and order tracking to be displayed prominently.


A pilot was run to test the effectiveness across three of Volkswagen’s vehicle models. In less than three months, the project was developed, tested and live in production. Early stage A/B tests revealed impressive results. For consumers receiving personalized web journeys, there was a 140% uplift in pages viewed (2.4X increase in interaction depth), 110% uplift in dwell time (2.1X increase in interaction duration), and 100% uplift in conversion activity (2X increase in interaction decisions, acting upon call to action). Beyond these early outcomes for Volkswagen, they now has a long term solution which can be easily scaled to accommodate for increases in activity and extend to other channels, as the client desires.

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  • 140% uplift in pages viewed
  • 110% uplift in dwell time
  • 100% uplift in conversion activities