Highly Regulated CPG Boosts New Customer Engagement By 125%


This well-established CPG brand has nearly 40 years of industry experience and operates in a highly regulated market. Like with many CPG brands, they realize the need to increase engagement with their customers. This is a typical challenge for many retailers who sell through third parties and often never truly know their individual customers.

This forward thinking brand has built a database of customers over the last five years, and uses this to communicate through promotions, email and direct mail campaigns. However, all of these communications must meet government regulations and be double opt in. Analysis of the database showed that contact with most customers was lost in the first sixty days.

The brand decided to make their engagement process more intelligent, personalized and omni-channel to keep the new customer segment engaged longer. They needed to develop a strong welcome program.


  • Personalized Welcome Program increases new customer engagement 125%
  • Automated A/B testing of engagement strategies
  • Enriched customer profiles created in real-time
  • Direct connection to brand’s ESP and direct mail fulfillment, allowing full process automation


To boost and sustain new customer engagement across many channels, the CPG brand challenge was to design a personalized and dynamic welcome program that identified user preferences, determined the most effective communication cadence, and use this to drive consumer to the brand’s website as the primary point of engagement.

In order to effectively deliver this welcome program strategy, the brand realized that they needed to find out three key pieces of information: what messaging works best, when is the best time to communicate to new customers and whether certain incentives worked better than others to captivate the audience. They then needed to develop a marketing strategy to deliver the program as a true customer journey across channels as and when the customer touches them.


To meet this challenge, the brand and its marketing agency designed a five-layer testing strategy that was implemented as a customer journey in the Kitewheel Hub. The goal of this strategy was to test which welcome program messaging channel and cadence was most successful in ensuring that customers returned to the brand.

Kitewheel’s decision engine was configured to collect and identify data from multiple sources in the brand’s marketing funnel to build a detailed profile about each consumer, including their preferences, behaviors and personal information. Due to the regulations in this brand’s market, all of this data was 256-bit encrypted and all consumers were required to double opt-in as a part of the on-boarding process.

The Hub then orchestrates personalized email or direct mail to the customer based on the profile created and their interests and preferences determined from their browsing behavior. To deliver this program, Kitewheel directly integrated with the brand’s ESP and with mail fulfillment companies to send rewards to highly engagement customers.

Kitewheel recorded every successful engagement with this welcome messaging at the customer level. In addition, Kitewheel’s fully automated A/B testing also showed the brand key activities that drive engagement. This helped deliver more personalized content to the customers, and allowed the brand to measure the effectiveness of the journey strategy from day one.


The personalized customer journey delivered on its promise for the brand, with a 125% increase in short- term (30 day) engagement with new customers and a 64% increase in engagement over the first 90 days of the web program. Prior to implementing Kitewheel, only 14% of new customers remained engaged with the brand after 90 days. This was increased to 23% through the intelligent welcome program.

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  • 125% Increase in short-term customer engagement
  • 64% Increase in 90 day customer engagement