Why Is Customer Experience So Darn Important? (And How to Improve Your CX Efforts)

Destination CRM Roundtable

The need for providing an exceptional customer experience has never been greater. Watch Destination CRM’s on-demand roundtable to learn why CX is more important than ever during the current pandemic.


During the roundtable, we will drill down on the following key issues:

— Why customer journey initiatives top the “must continue” list
— Which three priorities deliver the most value to your organization
— How to deliver digital customer experiences that still feature the human touch
— Why customer experience is so important in real-world terms
— How major brands deliver in-app human guidance that increases CSAT, loyalty, & ROI
— How CX has become critical to your digital brand promise
— How real-world companies have made it happen (case studies)

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Destination CRM Roundtable Panelists