Customer Journey Analytics: The Key to Delivering the Best Possible Customer Experiences

Customer journey mapping plans are often disrupted when assumptions are proved false by actual customer behavior, which makes the journey maps ineffective. Journey analytics help to uncover these fundamental misjudgements or changes in situational reality.


Watch Destination CRM’s on-demand roundtable with a panel of experts from Kitewheel, NICE Nexidia, and Calabrio and learn how to gain true insights into the customer journey using analytics to uncover issues and refine your journey maps.

During the roundtable, we will drill down on the following six key issues:

— Understanding the customer journey
— Measuring customer experience quality
— The importance of journey analytics as a discovery tool
— The need for cross-departmental internal buy-in for success
— The three core analytics tools for delivering more actionable insights
— How AI self-service applications are changing the needs of agents

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