Customer Journey Ideation, Mapping & Logic Webinar

You have the proper foundation for your customer journey- now what?

After watching the first webinar in the Customer Journey Orchestration Series, you understand the journey mindset – including your business, the current marketing ecosystem, and the current journeys your consumers are on. Now, how do you go about mapping customer journeys that will drive increased engagement, conversion & retention? In this 30 minute-deep dive (recorded July 27, 2016), we’ll share our best practices for journey ideation, mapping, and evaluation including:

  • How to brainstorm potential journeys, rules & logic that can resolve the challenges at hand using the data and and channel(s) that present the lowest barrier to entry while having the greatest potential impact
  • How to assess ideas for feasibility (from a technology perspective), viability (from a business capabilities perspective), desirability (from a consumer perspective) and profitability (from an ROI perspective)
  • Some Journey Jumpstarts to get you started

Who should watch?

Whether you are an agency looking to own customer journey orchestration and drive higher ROI for your clients, or a brand looking to coordinate perfectly-timed customer interactions that drive engagement and conversion – this series will give you the tools and guidance you need to get started. While the sessions are appropriate for a range of roles, it is particularly pertinent for those individuals responsible for:

  • Customer Experience/Engagement/Loyalty, CRM, Marketing Strategy/Planning, Digital Transformation, Omni-channel/Multi-channel Initiatives, Innovation, Journey Mapping, & Organizational Strategy

Catch up on Parts 1 & 3.

This is the second webinar in our Customer Journey Orchestration Series. You can access recordings of Parts 1 & 3 via the links below:

Part 1: The Customer Journey Mindset: Getting Grounded and Defining the Opportunity

Part 3: Customer Journey Rules and Logic