eBook: The Customer Journey Maturity Model


Your Practical Guide To Proactive CX

To keep up with consumer expectations, brands now need to deliver a more proactive customer experience. Customer journeys can create these competitive customer experiences and drive both purchasing and loyalty. As a leader in the customer journey orchestration space, we took it upon ourselves to create a maturity model that we hope will serve as an industry benchmark in a space where concrete best practices are still few and far between. This FREE eBook will provide an in-depth walk through of our 4 phase maturity model for customer journey success, providing you with a practical guide for you and your team towards successful proactive CX.

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  • Gain insights into why proactive CX matters in today’s customer journey marketing space
  • Learn the specific steps your business needs to take in order to achieve the highest level of customer journey maturity
  • See what success in each phase looks like by reviewing our on-page case studies at the end of each chapter