Phase 1 of Customer Journey Maturity: Getting Started With Customer Journeys

How do you even start orchestrating customer journeys?

Now is the time to start caring about the customer journey maturity. Customers say that less than 1% of their favorite brands deliver a great customer experience, yet 86% of customers would pay more for it. In addition, by 2020, consumers expect companies to anticipate their needs and proactively cater to them.

So, as a brand, how can you execute this level of proactive customer journeys and produce killer CX? The secret to improving customer experience is orchestrating customer journeys – providing timely, personalized and omni-channels offers to your customers as they navigate their buyer’s journey.

This webinar details the first of four phases of customer journey maturity.

What Will You Learn From This Webinar?

Watch this webinar to learn about the first of 4 phases in our maturity model for customer journey success. The document overall serves as a guide for you and your team towards journey optimization, but this webinar provides a more tactical, detailed breakdown. Kitewheel President Mark Smith provides this overview, as well as a case study showing the value you can extract from this first phase.

Find out how to start customer journeys at your business.