Kitewheel Webinar: How Customer Journey Management Delivers Great Experiences

Why Watch This Webinar

Customers say that less than 1% of businesses deliver a great customer experience. The secret to improving customer experience is orchestrating customer journeys.

As the Forrester leader in customer journey orchestration, we know how to get you into that elite group and provide your customers with the killer CX you’ve always dreamed of. That’s why, in this webinar, we’re sharing a 4 phase maturity model designed to provide the necessary structure and guidance to guide your team to the next level of customer journey development.

We’re also sharing what has changed and what we’ve learned from almost one year of sharing this maturity model with some of the most CX-forward companies in the world. Whether your business is:

• just starting to prioritize CX
• hard at work mapping your journeys visually
• knee deep in journey analytics
• already orchestrating some personalized, omni-channel journeys
…this webinar will help you evaluate your current state of journey marketing and understand your next steps towards strong journey orchestration and excellent CX!

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