Bridging the Gap Between Legacy Systems & the 21st Century Webinar


Today’s marketers are expected to deliver a personalized, cross-channel marketing experience for their customers. There are many all-encompassing cloud-based solutions available to for purchase on the market today that claim to deliver this.

Regardless, many marketers cannot create engaging customer journeys due to limited budgets, lack of time and, most prominently, an existing marketing infrastructure built entirely on expensive legacy system investments.

This begs the question – How does the 21st century marketer combine their existing legacy systems with today’s cutting-edge technologies to deliver on the vision of the ‘omni-channel customer journey?’

In this webinar, Kitewheel’s James Allum will explain the importance of maintaining a business’ core legacy systems, integrating newer digital platforms and flowing data between the two to drive intelligent, real-time decisioning across all channels.

Let us show you how Kitewheel can act as glue between the old and the new to help legacy systems update their processes to meet today’s real-time marketing demands.

Watch here!