Kitewheel Product Demo Webinar 2017

Imagine one of your customers visits your website and peruses a particular item for a while, jumps around a bit, and finally leaves your website. She then visits your brand’s Facebook page to see if you are offering any deals. Are you listening? And, if you are, are you able to respond to her specific interests? Do you know the next best offer and what channel to reach her on?

With Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub, such personalized, omni-channel customer experiences are possible. Our platform can easily map and execute customer journeys for your clients. Kitewheel houses the rules engine regarding communication with each customer and sits in the middle of any pre-existing tools in your marketing stack – no need to buy new legacy systems to deliver omni-channels experiences! By utilizing data across channels, Kitewheel provides the most relevant content to each consumer at the best time via preferred channels.

We want to show you the ins and outs of this versatile platform. Watch our Kitewheel Demo Webinar to see our Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub in action. This 30-minute session will give you a visual overview of our Customer Journey Hub and its capabilities, including:

  • A real-time omni-channel experience from the perspective of an individual consumer
  • How to easily connect a brand’s owned channels to its paid channels
  • How Kitewheel’s platform can bridge the gap between journey ideation/ design and journey activation
  • How to start personalizing omni-channel engagement with your customers today!