The State of the Customer Journey 2018 Report


Now in its fourth year of publication, Kitewheel’s annual State of the Customer Journey Report provides a comprehensive overview of how brands and agencies from different industries are facilitating customer experiences across a wide range of channels. This year’s report includes a breakdown of more than five billion journey interactions by channel and industry. Also included for the first time is a new section on business maturity – based on our recently-launched Customer Journey Maturity Model.

2018 SOCJ


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Total journey interactions surpassed three billion in 2017 – up from just 400 million when we began in 2014

Adtech saw the highest growth rate of any channel (200%) as marketers seek to target digital ads by linking with other customer interaction data

In-app experiences keep growing (+50% YoY) as more brands turn to mobile apps as a primary channel for communicating with known customers

Marketers have integrated chat with cross-channel journeys this year, delivering real time conversations, particularly with their millennial and Gen-Z customers

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