Get more value from your
retail customer Journeys

Learn how other retail brands have maximized the value of their customer experiences from online, to in-store, to post purchase and beyond


Personalize eCommerce Content Based on Customer Desires to Drive Excitement.

  • A customer comes to your website and watches food videos
  • Marketing email content and cadence are dynamically altered based on previous interactions, diet, and persona
  • Web pages update in real time to show relevant content and ads for ingredients
  • Couponing system generates personalized incentives to bring the customer to store
  • You have a happy stomach, and therefore, a happy customer

Sooth Customer Concerns with Seamless Omnichannel Experience.

  • A customer contacts support with concerns about their order
  • Your system automatically updates and populates the order through your eCommerce site based on previous communication and fulfillment info
  • Advertising is suppressed to customer until their issue is resolved
  • The representative has all the tools they need to solve the issue
  • Information is automatically updated across systems and generates a new confirmation email with the latest accurate information
  • Customer is relieved and confident in the brand now that their concern is addressed

Let customers know that you know them well.

  • A customer joins your loyalty program
  • The loyalty system updates ESP, Ad server, Social Media, and changes the logic for proper engagement
  • The customer feels your white glove approach in every interaction
  • They receive customized rewards, personalized based on expressed preference
  • The customer experiences a genuine feeling of value-added loyalty to your brand

Kitewheel brings real-time capabilities to the market technology that brands already have in place.

With our customer journey hub you can harmonize every step of the journey, tracking behavior and activity over time to deliver the best next content, action and recommendation across any channel.

Featured Resource

Gerber increased sales by 27% with a 2 year, personalized cross-channel journey

To do this, the team wanted a consumer engagement hub to allow the brand’s web properties to automatically identify, inform and interact with each visitor according to where they are in their individual consumer journey. This tool would also carefully nurture that customer from one stage to the next.

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