Journey Orchestration: How to Supercharge Your Customer Experience

supercharging the customer experience

With the power of journey orchestration, you can boost your customer experience and supercharge it with automation. Journey orchestration is a technique that lets you steer customers towards more desirable outcomes. It does this by determining which information is relevant and deciding when, where, and what to surface up to the customer in real-time.

In a recent webinar, Mark Smith shared some of the key ways to drive great customer experiences with journey orchestration. In this blog, we explore three ways you can supercharge your customer experience. First, close the loop from analytics to orchestration. Then, turn journey mapping from a static exercise to a roadmap for action. Finally, automate your customer’s experience.

Close The Loop From Journey Analytics To Journey Orchestration

Brands have spent the last several decades trying to use customer data to deliver better experiences. They’ve invested in analytics, VOC, and other customer experience efforts to make experiences more personalized. These investments alone, however, are not enough to supercharge the customer experience.

The problem with these traditional approaches is that they’re hard for marketers to get value from, as many of the necessary pieces are missing or not connected properly. Indeed, data is at the foundation of the customer journey maturity pyramid – which we explore in more detail in this blog. You can’t automate journey orchestration until you have data on what customers do at different points in their journeys—and where along those paths they get stuck.

The good news is that most businesses actually already have this data. Even if your data isn’t perfect, if you’re able to track customer activity in your channels, you can make the jump to journey orchestration.

Turn Journey Mapping Into A Roadmap For Action

journey mapping can help set the course, but journey orchestration supercharges your customer journey with the power to get you there.Journey maps are powerful strategic tools for visualizing the idealized customer journey at your business. Some vendors have even provided the ability to connect your analytics directly to a journey map to visualize movement through the journey. It’s possible to take it one step further with the power of journey orchestration.

It’s important here to remember that the customer journey isn’t about your company’s business goals. Rather, it’s about delivering the experience that your customer desires. It’s your job to deliver that experience. While your journey map might show the journey as you’ve envisioned it, journey orchestration helps keep customers on track to accomplish their goals. This might mean you trigger an abandoned cart email based on their previous behavior. Alternatively, a customer may require suppressed marketing communications during a time they need customer service.

By orchestrating the experience your customers want – your journey map becomes a tool so you can help them navigate from point A to point B.

Supercharge Your Customer Experience With Automation

Take formerly manual processes and make them automated for a better customer experienceWhat sets journey orchestration apart from other practices within customer journey management? The ability to automate repetitive interactions in real-time. Unfortunately, automated systems can automate the wrong things or trigger a response in error. That’s why it’s so important to back them with intelligent decisioning.

A centralized decisioning tool, like the Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub, provides simple and complex logic alongside the automation, planning, and analytics tools for every step of the journey management process. Having all of these capabilities in one place makes it easier to manage the experience your customers ultimately receive.

Getting Started With Journey Orchestration

Do you want to supercharge your customer experience with journey orchestration? For many leaders, even with years of CX or marketing experience, it can be tricky to make the jump from journey mapping and analytics. Our guide to getting started with customer journeys can help you understand the journey landscape, and get journey management projects off the ground.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on real journey orchestration, check out Journey as a Service. Whether you only want to run a single journey or are ready to transform your business, Journey as a Service can help you make your journey vision a reality.