Why Kitewheel Stood out at SXSW Interactive 2014

SXSWWell, we’re finally back from the whirlwind that was South by Southwest 2014, where we attended the festival events most focused on SXSW Interactive. While the dates and sessions were broken out into segmented categories, such as interactive, film and music, every day saw an eclectic mix of visitors. From large agencies looking for product line and revenue expansion, to smaller agencies and innovation labs looking for an edge via the latest technology. All while thrown together with a generous mix of investors shopping for new companies, independent film-makers and musicians looking for their next big break.

Marketing Innovation at SXSW

For Provenir (Kitewheel), the outcome couldn’t have been better, as innovation was front and center. Attendees were not seeking approaches that will “someday” be available to them, but those breakthrough technologies that are here and ready for the taking.

In fact, there was A LOT of buzz about Provenir (Kitewheel) throughout SXSW. Among other catalysts, it seems our company was cited during a popular session on Saturday titled, “The Digital Marketing Workshop,” as one of the new and innovative approaches for real-time orchestration, leading to a flurry of activity. We had a line at our booth looking to get a first hand look. A big thanks to Israel Mirsky of Annalect for the mention!

We Make Real-Time Real

In the exhibition hall, we showcased our solution with our ProvenAir demo to a great response. Visitors tweeted about their delayed “Provenair” flight and immediately saw the platform in action. They experienced a real-time journey across the devices embedded in our booth wall. “That was too cool!” was a common response. Our team was able to make it real, ultimately resulting in high demand and keeping us busy from festival start to finish.

What resonated most? Topping the list, the fact that what we have is “real” real-time was a common theme. Cross-channel social response was also a frequent topic of interest. But key to every conversation it seemed was Provenir’s (Kitewheel) ability to work with an organization’s EXISTING channels, systems and databases, without introducing any new infrastructure.  In the past, one would need a new WCM, new POS, new call center, with a new database. This completely changed things.

It was great to meet so many individuals, brands and agencies at SXSW. We look forward to another fruitful event in 2015!

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