The Importance of Real-Time Decisioning

in Customer Journeys

Product Best Practices Webinar – On-Demand

It is more important than ever to listen and react to customers, and meet them where they are.

Businesses must be able to prioritize which customer interactions will drive engagement, retention, growth, and loyalty—at any moment. Kitewheel has seen the value of real-time decisioning grow even more crucial to CX in the last year. According to the latest Forrester Report, “Integration, Speed To Insights, And Real-Time Decisioning Matter Most For Orchestration”. Some of the smartest minds of Kitewheel will discuss what each step of that process looks like through the Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub.

Watch the on-demand webinar today to see our VP of Product, Josh Berkowitz and our host President of Kitewheel Mark Smith as they have an open conversation about why real-time decisioning is the key to a differentiated customer experience. You’ll hear how real-time decisioning, real-time interaction management and other key journey techniques can be used both strategically and in the Kitewheel Product.

Watch the Webinar: