Use Cases

The Use Cases Behind Journey Management

Adding Value Across the Customer Lifecycle

Kitewheel has identified five core use cases for Customer Journeys. Discover how you can revolutionize journeys at your business with the power of the Kitewheel Hub.


Drive Engagement and Retention

With Kitewheel’s ability to orchestrate journeys across time and in real-time, customer experience and marketing leaders can deliver satisfying experiences and maximize customer lifetime value. Make each experience with your customers part of an ongoing conversation that builds engagement and loyalty.

Sales Through Personalization

With Kitewheel’s decisioning engine optimized for personalization, marketing and sales teams can build more personalized experiences and leverage AI-driven decisioning to increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates.


Explore Your Customer Journey

With Kitewheel’s customer journey analytics measurement and discovery capability, marketing and analytics teams can strategize, visualize, and quantify decisions within the customer journey.

Intelligent Acquisition and Lead Management

With Kitewheel’s ability to add intelligent decisioning and create cohesive experiences, lead management and sales teams can improve the experience for new and potential customers.


Implement Customer Service Efficiencies

With Kitewheel’s ability to sync channels and power intelligent decisioning, customer service teams can perform more optimal triaging and resolve customer issues faster.

Fundamentals Guide

Ready to Learn the Fundamentals of Journey Management?

Download our guide outlining the top journey management use cases.