When You Can’t Trust Your (Historical Data): The Evolution of The Customer Journey

Journey Data Best Practices Webinar – On-Demand

Customer journeys are changed, potentially forever.

How can businesses move forward despite facing difficult circumstances? How can they better understand where their customers are at any given moment? The answer lies in real-time analysis. By leveraging journey analytics for real-time decisioning, today’s top brands are able to pivot and understand the behaviors of their customer base as they’ve changed.

Join Mark Smith, President of Kitewheel, for an explanation of how the customer journey landscape has evolved, and how real-time marketing can drive your business forward. You’ll find out:

  • How to get started quickly with real-time marketing techniques
  • How much real-time data can improve your marketing ROI
  • The common things that can go wrong when you rely (only) on historical data

Watch the Webinar: