Why Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Analytics?

Only Kitewheel’s full suite of customer journey management solutions can reinvent your brand experience to meet your needs.

How Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Analytics Software Can Get Your Brand There

Here at Kitewheel, we believe in having analytics every step of the way, whether that’s during journey mapping and design or during journey performance evaluation. Our various facets of analytical tools are designed to provide you a view into how customers are interacting with your brand but serve different purposes and use cases. Our customer journey analytics capabilities, paired with our performance dashboard, can help your business gain a full rounded understanding of journey performance from end-to-end.


Start With Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Analytics to Discover and Understand

Journey Discovery Analytics Dashboard

Discover how customers flow through touchpoints, where they are stalling, and validate pre-defined journeys. Journey Discovery Analytics offers accurate analysis for determining where to start designing, orchestrating, or refining to maximize customer experience.

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Monitor Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard

Monitor the effect of changes and dig deeper into journey performance by benchmarking against goals and KPIs. Performance Dashboards provide breakdown into critical segments and comparisons of various journeys and combine both qualitative and quantitative data in one view.


Accompanied By Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Management Tools


Journey Steps

Measure end-to-end customer journey activity through Kitewheel’s unique Journey Step framework. Stakeholders can determine key milestones (positive, neutral, or negative) throughout a customer journey and track the outcome metrics directly in our Journey Step view.

Monitor Journey Steps
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Journey Mapping and Design

Create hypotheses and align stakeholder objectives prior to orchestration with Kitewheel’s journey mapping tool. Our tool actively tracks customer data directly on the map in real-time, which enables businesses to be ready for the predicted and expected activity of each customer.

Journey Orchestration with Real-Time Decisoning Capabilities

Kitewheel’s journey orchestration employs omni-channel real-time listening, which captures the relevant data and uses rule based decisioning along with adaptive machine learning to decide when, where, and what to surface up to the customer in real-time.

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Identity Management

Kitewheel uses a proprietary data model, Kitewheel ID Manager, to deterministically link customer profiles across devices and channels. This creates a unified singular profile to return back to businesses for data analysis and journey orchestration.

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